Chord dan Lirik Lagu Strongest – Ina Wroldsen

Graha Nusantara, Jakarta – ‘Strongest’ merupakan lagu dari Ina Wroldsen yang dirilis pada tahun 2017 dan merupakan bagian dari album Hex.

Pada tahun yang sama Alan Walker merilis remix dari lagu ini dan mendapatkan respon yang sangat baik dari para pendengar musik di seluruh dunia.

Berikut chord dan lirik lagu ‘Strongest’ dari Ina Wroldsen:

Tom: C

[Intro]  Am  F  C

Am                                   F                                      C
   You sit there with that look on your face like you won
Am                              F                                            C
   Like nothing that I say is gonna change how you feel now
Am                                   F                               C
   You sit there and you tell me you fell outta love
Am                                F                                C
   And we are in your way so you just gotta leave now
                                   F                                    G
And we just need to understand your reasons
And you are gonna justify this treason
                                F                         G                        
By telling me the promises that we sworn ain't enough

                                F                             G
So now you gonna be another person?
And how do I explain this shit to our son?
                             F                                     G
How'd you tell a toddler about a girlfriend?
Daddy's gone

          Am                 F                      C
Well, I will be the strongest that he ever knew
        Am                   F                        C
And I will be there when he needs a love strong enough
                  Am                         F               C
Don't worry I will carry your share for us
No matter how bad the storm
Am            F                     C
I will be strongest that he ever knew